Reel Classic 5 Slots

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Software: Playtech

Quick Facts

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 5
  • Max. Wager: 225
  • Bonus Round: no
  • Max. Payout: 160000
  • Jackpot: normal

Why you'll love this game

  • Playtech Technology powered
  • $40,000 jackpot
  • A potential 2000x your wager
  • Try it out in free play

Read Our Gameplay Review

Brought to you by Playtech, Reel Classic 5 slots is a very unique online video slots game. Like its name suggests, this game has a classic theme and five reels. This almost seems like a contradiction, but the reality is that this game is a fusion between two genres that are almost always separate. Reel Classic 5 is the sequel to the well-known Reel Classic 3 (also from Playtech) but it features the two additional reels, as well as the multiple paylines. This uniquely styled game is delivered in a luxury-themed package with symbols that represent the high life like champagne bottles, luxury cars, top hats, and canes. Continue through this review to learn how to play this innovative, yet simple, slots game.

The five-reel, five-line slots machine that you will see when playing Reel Classic 5 online slots is extremely straightforward. You can bet one, two, three, or four coins on each of the lines and there are a variety of coin sizes spanning from a tiny $0.02 all the way to $20.00! With these options, you can bet anywhere from $0.02 to $400.00 per spin, but assuming you want to cover all of the paylines, the minimum bet at a Reel Classic 5 slot machine is actually $0.10. No matter how you look at it, though, these are very flexible and reasonable betting limits.

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Game Features & Prizes

With Reel Classic 5 slots, you don’t have to worry about a slew of messy special features – no bonus multipliers, no hidden games, no wild symbols. From start to finish, it is just pure slots action. The simple pay table will tell you everything you need to know but just to give you an idea of what to expect, let’s take a look at some of the top prizes. The third largest prize in Reel Classic 5 slots, unlocked when you line up three Teapot symbols, is worth 200x your total bet, or as much as $16,000.

The second largest prize is worth twice that: 400x your total bet or $32,000 when betting the maximum. Finally, the absolute largest jackpot in the game is worth a whopping 2,000x your bet. If you are betting the max, this could be worth $160,000! Of course, all of these awards could be lower depending on how much you choose to bet. Remember this simple fact when it comes time to choose your coin size!

Reasons To Play Reel Classic 5

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This game isn’t for everyone, though if you are still reading, you’re probably interested. There are, however, a few types of players that are perfect for Reel Classic 5 online slots. Since this game combines the best of both worlds from classic and modern slots, this is a great way for players that typically only play one kind of game to get a change of pace without changing everything that they are used to. This is also an excellent way for players to segue into a new kind of game. Instead of jumping straight from a single-lined game to one with twenty-five lines, spend some time with Reel Classic 5 slots to ease the transition.

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What do I stand to gain by playing this game?

The Reel Classic 5 Slot game has five paylines and you can bet anywhere from $0.02 to $400 per spin when covering all paylines. If players don’t want to cover all paylines, the minimum bet stands at a mere $0.10. The game offers a series of amazing jackpots starting from $16,000 to a jaw-dropping $160,000. The game multipliers also go from 200x to 2,000x. Keep in mind that these awards can go lower because it depends on how much you are able to bet. So choosing coin size is an important decision before playing the game.

Is there a rule that stops me from winning this game?

No. The online Reel Classic 5 Slot game guarantees gameplay where you have a fair chance of winning the game and any or all of its prizes. So you can play with ease knowing that there is no foul play and that the game has not been rigged in any way.

Can I practice the game before I bet money on it?

Yes, you can go to the free trial version of this game and try it out before betting money on it. Just remember than you can’t win real money until you switch over to the paid version.

Does the game have any extra features?

No. The online Reel Classic 5 Slot game offers simple gameplay where players get to witness pure slots action without any messy features to slow down your progress. This works well for those who want a smooth transition progressing from single payline slots to twenty paylines because the jump isn’t as drastic and you get time to acclimatize.

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