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Software: Microgaming

Quick Facts

  • Reels: 3
  • Paylines: 1
  • Max. Wager: 2
  • Bonus Round: no
  • Max. Payout: 1600
  • Jackpot: normal

Why you'll love this game

  • Available for mobile play
  • Win up to $8,000 on a maximum bet
  • Blue Star Bonus multiplier
  • Wager coins of $0.05 to $5.00

About Double Magic - Read Our Review

Double Magic slots has been around for quite a while. Microgaming developed it in the 90’s for use as a flagship classic slots game, but it has managed to pass the test of time, even in a digital marketplace that typically rewards the newest product. This is not a slots game that claims to be the newest or most exotic option on the Internet. Instead, it stands by its original purpose to be a simple game, with a healthy jackpot, and a layout based on the most tried and true format.

This slots game utilizes a classic theme with symbols such as Bars, Stars, and Cherries. More importantly, the machine itself uses the original triple reel design with a single payline going right across the middle. Unlike so many of the multi-line slots games on the web today, Double Magic online slots makes it possible to just look at the display and know if you have won.

Players have a handful of coin denomination options ranging from $0.05 to $5.00 and you can choose between betting one or two coins on the payline. Interestingly, unlike most slots games, there is not a statistical difference between playing one or two coins at a time. Payouts for two-coin bets are always worth twice as much as the corresponding single-coin bets – but so are the wagers. Thus, the house edge is preserved, and deciding how many coins to play is only a tool to help you fine-tune your bet size. In total, your entire Double Magic slots bet can range from a mere $0.05 to $10.00.

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The Gameplay & Potential Jackpots

The single most important symbol in this game, without a shadow of a doubt, is the Blue Star. This symbol serves a few purposes but, to start with, we will examine its role as Double Magic’s wild symbol. As the wild symbol, it will likely be responsible for many of your wins that would have otherwise been impossible. For example, if there are two Bar symbols and one Blue Star on the payline, the pay table might show that you haven’t won anything, while in reality, the Blue Star can act as a Bar symbol to create a three-of-a-kind winning combination.

Every time that you get a win with this wild symbol, you get a larger than normal payout as well. This is because the Blue Star provides a bonus multiplier. When you see one of these on a winning payline, your payout will be doubled. For two Blue Stars, your winnings are quadrupled! And as if that weren’t enough the Blue Star is also the key to winning the game’s top jackpot – 1,600 coins or $8,000! Of course, the bonus multiplier doesn’t take effect for this jackpot; you get exactly what the pay table says.

Reasons To Play Double Magic

You Can Play on Your Mobile

It is no surprise that Double Magic slots has been around since the 90’s, but it has seen one major upgrade in that time. Today, it can be played on mobile devices. In a world that is increasingly on the move, it is a great sign when any digital product can be accessed from your cell phone or mobile device. This is a perfect feature for anybody who travels frequently or any player that would like to play the Double Magic slot machine without being tethered to their desk.

So for anybody who wants a classic slots game that still has some cool features like a wild card with a multiplier effect, Double Magic slots is the perfect choice!




How are winnings structured in this game?

Double Magic slots have 3 reels with a single payline. The coin sizes range from $0.05 to $5.00 and players can choose to bet one or two coins on the payline. Bet sizes range from $0.05 to $10.00. The maximum jackpot for this game is 1,600 coins or $8,000, which you can win by using the game’s wild symbol, The Blue Star.

Are my chances of winning this game fair?

Double Magic slots are simple to play and trustworthy because the game has been certified by TST (Technical System Testing), an industry leader in ensuring game result’s and software integrity.

Does the game have a free version I can try first?

Yes, the game has a free trial that you can play to get a sense of the game. Once you have an idea of what the game offers, bet real money to get really awesome awards.

Are there any bonus rounds associated with this game?

Unfortunately, Double Magic doesn’t have any added bonus rounds. However, the game’s simple layout means you can now play it on your mobile device and get rich on the move.

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