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Software: Pragmatic Play

Quick Facts

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 25
  • Max. Wager: 25
  • Bonus Round: no
  • Max. Payout: 6000
  • Jackpot: normal

Why you'll love this game

  • Beautiful 3D Slot
  • Available for mobile devices as well as PC/Mac
  • High payouts and amazing bonuses
  • Free Spin round with retrigger bonuses

Why Play Black Diamond? Find Out in Our Review

Black Diamond slots stands out from the pack in more than a few ways. When you first launch the game, the first thing you will notice is that this is not your normal design. The images are crisp and the layout is professional. Nothing about this game looks thrown together, and the designers completely avoided the trap of basing their game on a cheesy theme. If you want a go-to video slots game, regardless of your budget, Black Diamond slots truly is a diamond in the rough.

The Black Diamond slot machine has twenty paylines spread across five reels. This is one of the most popular layouts for any players beyond the novice level and, with a maximum bet of one coin per line, you really just have to decide what coin denominations you would like to use. Coin sizes range from just one cent all the way to five dollars, which means you can bet anywhere from one penny to $125.00 per spin, with $0.25 being the minimum bet necessary to cover all paylines. This kind of range means that all kinds of players can make Black Diamond online slots fit their budget.

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The Jackpots

The online Black Diamond slots game is among the most lucrative video slots games to come from the design team at Top Game and, in accordance with the high roller theme, it has a very top heavy jackpot structure. For example, getting five Yellow Diamonds in a row is worth 6,000 coins or $30,000, the top jackpot. The next highest payout is only worth 1,000 coins (five Rubies in a row).

There are machines with larger jackpots but remember, you are only playing one coin per line in Black Diamond. In general, you should be using a much larger coin denomination than you would in a game that accepts ten coins per line. To help you actually win these jackpots, the Black Diamond symbol is the wild symbol. Whenever doing so will lead to a winning combination, this symbol replaces all others except for the Ruby Apple and the Golden Bars.

Reasons To Play Black Diamond

Playing at Online Casinos

In addition to the wild card feature, Black Diamond slots also has a special hidden jackpot. Whenever you see the Gold Bars symbol on the second, third, and fourth reels at the same time, your screen will take you to this random jackpot. The payout is worth 40-200 times the size of your bet and, while it is impossible to say how much you will win, it can be worth as much as $25,000! Even with the largest coin size, this random prize nearly rivals the top jackpot in the game. It is this special trait that prevents the wild symbol from representing Gold Bars.

Early, we mentioned that the wild symbol is also unable to represent the Ruby Apple symbol. This is because the Ruby Apple is the game's scatter symbol. This symbol can only appear on the first and fifth reels, but when it appears on both, you will receive ten free spins. These spins are based on the bet and coin denomination that you were using when the feature was activated, so the Black Diamond slots bonus spins are worth significantly more for high rollers.

So what are you waiting for? There has never been a better time to start playing Black Diamond online slots and the sooner you start, the sooner you can try for the $30,000 jackpot!




What kind of winnings can I get from this game?

The Black Diamond slot machine is equipped with twenty paylines spread across five reels. The maximum bet is one coin per line and coin sizes range from one cent up to five dollars. Placed bets can range anywhere from one penny to $125.00 per spin, with $0.25 being the minimum bet per spin. The game offers a variety of amazing payouts with a chance to win an enormous prize, greater than all other prizes. For example, you can win the big jackpot by lining up five Yellow Diamonds in a row and make $30,000. You can also win 1,000 coins by landing five Rubies in a row.

Do I have a fair chance of winning?

Yes. Zynga casinos are certified RNG, so all the games, cards, and slots it offers are fair and the results are random. Black Diamonds slots follow the same rules and your chances of winning are completely based on your luck.

Does Black Diamond offer a free-trial?

Yes. Black Diamond slots come with a free-trial that you can use to gauge gameplay and game rules. To enjoy the game to the fullest extent and take advantage of its amazing features, bet real money on it and win big.

Does the game have any hidden jackpots?

Yes. Black Diamond slots has a special hidden jackpot that is activated if you land Gold Bars symbols on the second, third, and fourth reels at the same time. The payout for this jackpot is worth 40-200 times the size of your bet and can be worth as much as $25,000. In addition, the Ruby Apple symbol (scatter symbol) that can only appear on the first and fifth reels can help you get up to ten free spins.

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