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The best casino app is capable of putting all of the action and excitement of a land-based casino in the palm of your hand, which is not an easy task when you consider the following:

  • Many smartphones and tablets have a screen size of just a few inches
  • Mobile devices have limited processing power to run gambling apps with
  • It can be more difficult to process payments made on mobile devices

Fortunately for us, plenty of clever casino games app developers have managed to do (what might seem like) the impossible and create casinos that you can use on your mobile. And there's no shortage of these real money casino apps either, as the vast majority of gambling sites have released some sort of mobile offering. We find that offers some of the best casino apps available for real money gambling.

But many would-be real money gamblers have questions about these free apps. How do they work? And where can you find them? Is there anything you need to watch out for? These are the questions that we do our best to answer below.

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Table of Contents

What are casino apps?

App guide - What are Casino Apps

We should point out that it's very rare to find separate apps for iPhone, iPad, Android etc. Most online casino apps take the form of responsive sites that have been slimmed down for use on a mobile. When it comes to reproducing a pocket-sized real money casino, app producers are often able to do a very nice job.

The difference between dedicated iPhone casino apps or Android casino apps and a mobile casino site is minimal - they function in exactly the same way and the latter can still be added to a device's home screen. You don't, however, need to download a responsive site like you do an app.

Even though they're not technically apps we, and most others in the industry, still refer to them as such to make it easier for consumers.

Can I play for real money?

App guide - Real Money

The accessibility of a real money casino app varies depending where in the world you're playing from, but almost every person reading this will be able to play on the web or through free casino apps for real money.

This whole process is made much easier by the fact that most online casinos also have a mobile offering.

It's common for casino apps to place roadblocks that prevent players from countries in which online gambling is not permitted from accessing their apps. Even so, it's wise to check the likelihood of online gambling apps working in your region before you start playing.

How do I begin?

App guide - How Begin

There are so many free casino apps, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, that it's difficult to know where to start. When making the jump to mobile gaming, even experienced online gamblers may find themselves out of their depth.

Fortunately, the process is made much easier by the fact that virtually all of the best online casinos also have a mobile offering for their customers to use. In the vast majority of cases, players looking to get their first taste of mobile gaming can simply stick with their usual casino.

However, for those who are trying a real money casino app for the first time on a mobile OR computer, this is not an option. The good news for online gambling newbies is that the competition between online casinos is fierce, so there are lots of excellent gambling apps to be found.

How do I find good apps?

App guide - How Begin

If you're looking for the best casino app, then look no further. We've spent years reviewing and rating online casino sites, and we've also done our homework to determine the top casino app designed for use on a mobile.

The beauty of online casinos using responsive sites is that almost every mobile user can get a taste of the action.

However, as we mentioned above, there really is no shortage of fun and friendly casino sites that offer everything you could ever need. If for some reason the site we mentioned above doesn't quite suit you, clicking any of the links to recommendations on this page will take you to another top casino app.

What smartphones and tablets are supported?

App guide - Supported devices

These days virtually all mobile devices, from iPhone and iPad to Android and Windows Phone are supported. Obviously, the newest handsets and tablets will be able to run all of the latest games, but almost everyone will be able to get a piece of the action at some online casino app or another.

This is, in part, thanks to online casinos using responsive sites rather than individual apps designed for each platform. You can even use very old devices that haven't been upgraded in several years.

There may be a few exceptions to this rule, but if your phone/tablet is capable of accessing the internet then it's probably capable of accessing a real money casino app.

How to install a casino app?

App guide - Supported devices

If you run across an online casino that offers dedicated apps for every platform - iPhone casino apps, Android casino apps etc. - you can download them from the Google Play store or iTunes for use on your mobile.

Clicking the link on the main site to the relevant app store will take you to where you need to go to complete the process. Or, if you're already on your phone, you can search for the casino in the app store installed on your phone instead. If you can't find it, it could be that the site doesn't allow playing for real money in your country.

If a site doesn't mention anything in the way of a real money casino app for mobile devices, they probably offer their services to customers via a responsive version of their main site instead. Just visit it from your smartphone or tablet to give it a try.

What games can I play?

The choice available on mobile casino apps is, unfortunately, nowhere near as good as on desktop or laptop. We've written a little more below about why that's the case but it remains an unfortunate truth that you'll need to prepare for.

Even on the top mobile casino app, players will generally be looking at tens of games rather than hundreds.

Even on the best casino app, players will generally be looking at tens of games rather than hundreds. They usually include the following:

Various slots titles, including progressive jackpot games



Video poker

Some casinos might offer one or two more games, or different variations of the above, but that's usually about it. We expect this to change in years to come as mobile technology improves but, even now, iPhone, iPad and Android casino apps offer enough to keep the average player entertained while they're out and about.

Are casino apps safe?

App guide - Apps safety

Provided you're playing with a reputable casino (and we'll never recommend anything else), you're just as safe using online casino apps on your mobile or tablet as you are on your desktop, Mac or PC.

All of the bank grade security that the best casino sites use to protect your personal information also applies in a mobile casino games app, so you can rest assured that you'll only lose money because of bad luck and nothing more sinister.

However, as is the case any time you make a purchase on the internet, there are a few precautions it's wise to take:

  • We recommend that you play over a secure WiFi network rather than using a free public one. When using the latter, there's a chance that your payment details could be intercepted
  • Look to see if the site is certified by a gaming authority and whether it provides any evidence that it is subject to regular audits
  • See if you can find any reviews from other players or sites like this one that back up the site as being a safe and honest one

The above tips apply to playing on a computer as well, but they're just as important to stick to when using a smartphone or tablet as any other device.

How does it compare with desktop play?

App guide - Desktop comparison

Most online casino apps that can be accessed on a desktop offer a huge range of games, far more than are available in any bricks and mortar casino. This is the case for a couple of different reasons:

  • Land-based casinos can only offer as many games as will comfortably fit inside them. The more games they offer, the higher their rent will be.
  • The more casino games apps boast, the more customers they stand to gain (and money they stand to make). That's why sites will try to offer as many games as they possibly can

This is all great news for players looking to win real money; apps regularly offer lots of different games including Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker and Baccarat. While you're sure to find your favourite if it's a very common game like European roulette, you might be out of luck if it's something a bit more offbeat, like Spanish blackjack or Sic Bo.

Unfortunately, the technology just isn't there to port every game (particularly the more complicated titles) yet. We think that will change over the coming years but, for now, you're limited to around 100 games in most Apple and Android real money casino apps.

Can I use the same account with multiple devices?

App guide - Apps safety

Yes. Most free casino apps will allow you to use the same account to access their iPhone casino apps, Android casino apps etc. and their HTMl5/no download client.

Sometimes they'll drop you an email to notify you that your account has been used from a different device, which is a nice touch to make sure that no-one is logging into your account without your authorization.

Being able to use a single account is very convenient for players as it means that, if they happen to be on a roll playing a particular slot on their laptop, they can keep that roll going after they leave the house just by firing up their smartphone.


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